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Networking with Laboursafe Solutions is a strategic alliance and business contract that  allows your organization to operate without having to support the requirements for a functioning  safety program.  Your safety functions are processed through the networking principle to allow expanding operations while still operating as a smaller organization.  Forming a contractual relationship with a  professional practioner rather than hiring full time personnel allows for a high level of safety compliance while maintaining a cost efficient structure within your company.

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Laboursafe Solutions is a consulting firm dedicated to enhancing Occupational Health and Safety needs for established and growing companies.  Our overall aim is to evaluate current safety program performance and implement the necessary elements required to meet WorksafeBC legislation within a company budget and achievable time frame.
With over 25 years experience in construction, fabrication, rescue and safety environments, Laboursafe is able to advise on the essential components needed to propagate a safety  culture across both managment and employees.

Laboursafe Solutions target companies which are generally small to medium in size that require initial design or revitalization to their safety program.  Many companies in this range do not fulfill their safety requirements due to the financial restraint of hiring a full-time safety coordinator.  Laboursafe Solutions time proportional involvement  in company operations is only to the extent for promoting continual improvement in safety within financial goals.

What is the advantage to working with Laboursafe Solutions?​​​

Working with Laboursafe Solutions provides your business with direct access to an experienced safety practitioner recognized by the preferred requirements of WorksafeBC to undertake the more complex safety related situations that commonly arise throughout the lifetime of a company. Having an individual to readily represent your business in such moments provides the security to reduce liability while at the same time increase the company’s overall proactive approach to workplace safety.

what professional certifications does Laboursafe Solutions have?

Laboursafe Solutions arrives prepared for your safety needs by maintaining the following credentials year after year.
-          Construction Safety Specialist (CSS). This designation is awarded by the British Columbia Construction Safety Alliance (BCCSA) to individuals who have proven a minimum of three construction experience administering the Occupational Health & Safety Program. In addition, an individual must complete a submitted assignment and possess a Construction Safety Training System (CSTS), First aid, WHMIS certificate, and be qualified as an Internal COR auditor.
-          Registered construction Safety Officer (RCSO). This designation is considered the senior construction safety certificate issued by  the Applied Science Technologists and Technicians of British Columbia (ASTTBC). The certification is achieved by obtaining a minimum of three years’ experience as a construction safety practitioner and all education requirements.
-          Professional Gold Seal Certification (P.GSC).  The P.GSC certification is awarded by the Canadian Construction Association (CCA) as the senior development recognition in the construction industry as a Safety Coordinator. Certification is achieved through continual practice in the management of construction occupational health and safety combined with all required educational, community contribution, and work as an educational provider.
-          Canadian Register Safety Professional (CRSP). The CRSP designation is awarded by the Board of Canadian Registered Safety Professionals (BCRSP) to individuals who have proven their expertise in the field of occupational health and safety. Designation is achieved through academic, experience, and examination requirements as well as continual education maintenance.

How do I know if my company should have a OH&S policy?

If your company is registered in British Columbia; then it should have an OH&S policy. Generally speaking, smaller companies are required to operate on less-formal safety programs and medium to large companies are expected to be fully compliant with all WorksafeBC requirements. The initial document created towards your OH&S program will be captured within the OH&S safety policy whereas the ownership/management commits to providing a safe workplace.

How does my company prepare for a safety audit?

Your company prepares for a safety audit by recognizing what the standard to be achieved will look like within your business. Your company engages in certain types of work undertakings and your safety program elements should mirror those undertakings will any and all components that are needed to provide safe work for your employees. In addition, you will be required to provide proof of training your employees to work safely and a series of documentation records that provide evidence of a functioning safety program. Many company’s hire the services of a safety professional to ensure that they are going in the right direction. Audits generally observe safe work practices, interview managers and workers, and review lots of documentation to verify a functioning safety program.

How do I reduce my companies worksafe BC (WCB) premiums?

While there is no guarantee that your premiums will be reduced with a functioning safety program; history has proven that companies with a functioning safety program have experienced reductions in their Worksafe premiums.  The only bona fide way to reduce your WorksafeBC premiums is to have the fewest amount of accidents possible, with the least amount of severity; this is accomplished with proactive efforts towards injury reduction.  In addition, companies achieving their COR designation are rewarded with a further premium reduction as an incentive to continue with proactively increasing workplace safety.

What is Laboursafe Solutions and how can they improve my companies safety?
The primary focus for improving your companies safety is to develop a culture of safety. Workers tend to act prudently towards safety for themselves and those they work with when they are provided with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to recognize and control workplace hazards. When accident prevention and working safely becomes natural; you have achieved a safety culture.

How does Laboursafe Solutions differ from work safe?
WorksafeBC is the governing body when it comes to worker safety in the province of BC. WorksafeBC manages accident prevention initiatives throughout the province and manages worker injury claims but they do not manage safety programs for individual companies. Laboursafe Solutions steps into that role to ensure that your company is meeting the requirements of the Workers Compensation Act and Regulation as it pertains to your workplace.

What should I look for in a safety consultant?
Look for someone who understands your industry type and has experience in the areas of greatest concern regarding the type and level of risk encountered by your employees.

How do I hire a safety consultant?
In our opinion; sit down and meet the individual. A transparent discussion will reveal if there is a good fit for both parties.